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Stellar Industries 7621 Mechanic Truck and Service Cranes

With the Stellar 7621 telescopic crane, the hassles of pulling pins and wrestling a manual extension to get over 20-feet are gone. Stellar is the leading manufacturer, in this class of crane, to offer two hydraulic extensions to 21-feet of reach. By incorporating two hydraulic extensions, there is no need to manually pull-out extensions. The crane does the extending, not the operator. Stellar Industries was the first U.S. manufacturer in this class of crane to offer several unique features as standard equipment. These include the standard proportional radio remote control, hexagonal boom construction, and a planetary winch with 60-feet per minute winch speed.


Crane Rating* 44,840 ft-lbs (6.2 TM)
Standard Boom Length 11'0" (3.35 m) from CL of Crane
1st Stage Hydraulic 60" (152.4 cm)
2nd Stage Hydraulic 60" (152.4 cm)
Maximum Horizontal Reach 21' 0" (6.40 m) from CL of Crane
Maximum Vertical Lift 23' 0" (7.01 m) from Crane Base
Stowed Height 37.75" (95.5 cm)
Required Mounting Space 20" x 21" (50.8 cm x 53.3 cm)
Approximate Crane Weight 1,885 lbs (855 kg)
Standard Controls Radio control standard for all functions.
Rope Specs 3/8" (0.95 cm) 6X31 IWRC-DGXIP X 100' (30.48 m)
Boom Elevation -10º to +80º 
Line Pull Speed 60 ft/min (18.29 m/min)
Maximum Single Part Line 3,750 lbs (1,700 kg)
Maximum Double Part Line 7,500 lbs (3,400 kg)
Rotation 400º Power
Lifting Capacity 1** 7,500 lbs @ 5'10" (3,400 kg @ 1.78 m)
Lifting Capacity 2** 2,135 lbs @ 21' (965 kg @ 6.40 m)
Power Supply PTO & Pump: 8 gpm @ 3,000 psi (30.3 lpm @ 207 bar)
Min. Rec. Chassis (GVWR) 19,000

*Crane rating in Boost Mode. Normal crane rating is 38,000 ft-lbs (5.25 TM).
**Maximum capacities in Boost Mode.

NOTE: All Stellar cranes meet ANSI B30.5 and OSHA 1910.180 specifications.


A proprietary collection of revolutionary, industry first features that control, power, and monitor the new cranes.

The Stellar CDTplus control system is EXCLUSIVE TO STELLAR and features a NEW handheld transmitter with an over-molded rubber bumper system to maximize durability while keeping it lightweight. The new LCD display features operator feedback including real time load capacity, maximum distance with the current load, boom angle, and percentage of load. The boost feature allows a momentary increase in the capacity of the crane, and a Safe Mode to keep the crane and operator safe should a load indicating device fail to operate correctly.

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TMAX1™ Service Body

tmax tmax
TMAX1™ Raised TMAX1™ All Raised


Applicable Chassis:  16,000 – 19,500 GVWR (19.5 tire size)
Cab to Axle: 84” (213.36 cm)
Body Length: 133” (337.82 cm)
Body Height: 44” (111.76 cm)
Body Width: 94” (238.76 cm)
Compartment Depth: 22” (55.88 cm)
Floor Width: 50” (127 cm)
Net Weight: 3220 lbs (1460.37 kg)


TMAX2™ Service Body

tmax tmax
TMAX2-11™ TMAX2-14™


Applicable Chassis:  Above 19,500 GVWR (22.5 tire size)
Cab to Axle: 84" (213.36 cm)
Body Length Tmax2-11: 133" (337.82 cm)
Body Length Tmax2-14: 168" (426.72 cm)
Body Height: 52" (132.08 cm)
Body Width: 94" (238.76 cm)
Compartment Depth: 22” (55.88 cm)
Floor Width: 50" (127 cm)
Net Weight: 3600 lbs (1632.93 kg)
Custom Storage Bed And Liftmoore 3200REE Crane

Custom Storage Bed And Liftmoore 3200REE Crane

Customer: Western Area Power Agency, Sacramento, CA
Chassis: 2012 Ford F550 60" CA DRW
- 12 & 14 GA Steel Construction
One piece side packs and heavy gauge double panel door are much stronger than flimsy sheet metal seen in some service bodies and provide the rugged construction our customers need. 
- Stainless Steel Hinges and Vector Latches
Stainless hinges are good looking and long lasting. The Vector T-Handle compression latch ruggedly holds the doors tightly closed.
- Powder Coated Finish.
Powder coating is applied electrostaticly for even coverage and is baked on at 500 deg. It is much more chip resistant and will last much longer than conventional painting. Choose from thousands of colors as well as different textures.
- Power Door Locks
System is incorporated into the chassis system so the locks open and close with the cab door locks.

This truck features (28) 300 lb. capacity pull out drawers and top opening cabinets that open to the load area of the bed.

The truck is also outfitted with a Liftmoore 3200REE Crane.

Raised front compartments allow for extra storage above the pull out drawer stack.
The cabinets are 22" deep, so there's lots of room in the top opening compartments.


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