Reflective Fence Markers 

Protect Sage Grouse & Prairie Chicken habitat by hanging long lasting reflective markers on your fences

 For sage grouse and prairie chickens, the problem is simple: they can't avoid what they can't see. Every year hundreds of these low flying, native birds are killed after striking barb wire fences.  Thankfully the solution is simple as well- make the fences more visible to the birds.  Adding vinyl reflective fence markers (also known as flight diverters) will safeguard rapidly depleting lek (nesting ground) habitat for years to come. makes it easy for you to add this protection to your fences.  We've supplied hundreds of thousands of markers to local, state & federal agencies as well as individual land owners.  Contact us to begin the process of marking your fences.

Options for every budget can supply ready to install flight diverters or simply just the components you need to assemble the markers your self.

Fence markers (flight diverters) are comprised of two main components: a vinyl substrate with an integrated loop that easily clicks on to the fence wire, with high performance retro reflective decals on each side.

We can supply you with fully assembled, ready to install Fence Markers, or a kit which will enable you to cut and assemble your own markers.



Unmarked Fence:
Marked Fence:
Sage grouse fly low at speeds of up to 50 mph.  Fence markers can make a tremendous difference in their ability to avoid catastrophe.
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Our reflective markers are designed to offer years of protection


Each side of the marker has a 3M Prismatic reflective decal to increase the visibility in low light situations.  The decals are cut with rounded corners, as sharp corners can peel off more easily over time.



One side of the marker has a yellow decal, with orange on the other side.  The markers clip easily onto the fence wire.
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  • Assembled Fence Markers
    Assembled Fence Markers

    Spend your time marking fences, not assembling markers. Each marker includes orange & yellow 3M prismatic reflective decals. You can specify the amount you need in the cart. ...Learn More

  • DIY Fence Marker Kit
    DIY Fence Marker Kit

    Kit includes a case of (40) 12 ft lengths of vinyl finish trim which can be cut into 3" markers with a chop saw. Kit includes sheets of easy to peel orange and yellow reflective decals. Kit includes enough supplies to assemble 1,800 markers. ...Learn More

  • DIY Fence Marker Decals
    DIY Fence Marker Decals

    Each sheet contains 200 decals. Specify orange or yellow. ...Learn More