• Pierce County Sign Truck
    Pierce County Sign Truck

    Assigned to the crew that sets survey monuments. They carry a full compliment of concrete working tools, as well as a mobile mixer. ...Learn More

  • LCF Landscape Bed
    LCF Landscape Bed

    The quality of the trucks you drive says quite a bit about the quality of the work you do... get a top quality truck bed from Valley Truck! ...Learn More

  • Aluminum Brush Fire Truck Bed
    Aluminum Brush Fire Truck Bed

    Diamond plate aluminum flatbed with powder coated aluminum boxes. Set up for pump/tank slip in to go between the side boxes. ...Learn More

  • Fold up truck bed step & handle
    Fold up truck bed step & handle

    Climb in and out of your pickup like a pro with the Great Day Truck N’ Buddy Tailgate Step ...Learn More

  • Assembled Fence Markers
    Assembled Fence Markers

    Spend your time marking fences, not assembling markers. Each marker includes orange & yellow 3M prismatic reflective decals. You can specify the amount you need in the cart. ...Learn More

  • DIY Fence Marker Kit
    DIY Fence Marker Kit

    Kit includes a case of (40) 12 ft lengths of vinyl finish trim which can be cut into 3" markers with a chop saw. Kit includes sheets of easy to peel orange and yellow reflective decals. Kit includes enough supplies to assemble 1,800 markers. ...Learn More

  • DIY Fence Marker Decals
    DIY Fence Marker Decals

    Each sheet contains 200 decals. Specify orange or yellow. ...Learn More

  • Traffic Cone Holder
    Traffic Cone Holder

    Clean design can be fabricated from powder coated steel or aluminum. We can adapt this design to fit into many different applications. ...Learn More

  • Layout & Design Drawings
    Layout & Design Drawings

    Accurate communication is key to a successful project. We can boost your projects by preparing preview & layout drawings so your end user knows what you're building and your technicians know exactly how to layout the various components. ...Learn More

  • Custom Designed Quadrant Block
    Custom Designed Quadrant Block

    We designed & fabricated this rotating block to guide the capstan rope for a electrical utility company. What can we design for you? ...Learn More

  • Custom open top bin
    Custom open top bin

    Electrical line men love open top storage bins. Often bins are constructed using a tube steel frame and expanded metal. These are expensive to fabricate and rust quickly. We can design bins CNC cut from sheet metal which look good and will be long lasting. We can either do just the design work, provide the loose components, or fabricate the entire bin for you. ...Learn More

  • Custom winch bumper
    Custom winch bumper

    We designed and built front and rear winch bumpers for a local 16 year old's 1979 Ford F250. Let us know how we can combine our design capability with your shop's expertise to provide your customers with the custom truck equipment they need. ...Learn More

  • Foreman Utility Trucks
    Foreman Utility Trucks

    What do you do when you need to take everything but the kitchen sink to the top of the Cascade Mountains? You have Valley Truck build you a fleet of super tough do-all utility trucks. ...Learn More

  • REA Utility Bed
    REA Utility Bed

    The guys who actually use these trucks take an active role in helping us design them. The result is a custom configuration that maximizes efficiency when they're out keeping our lights on. ...Learn More

  • Off Road Electrical Utility Bed
    Off Road Electrical Utility Bed

    Set up to take nearly anything you need almost anywhere you need to go. Includes over cab storage, integrated hotstick compartmnet & top opening compartments. ...Learn More

  • SN2 Accounting Sign
    SN2 Accounting Sign

    Hanging sign is double sided to be visible from both directions. The sign stands in front of a restored train station in Sunnyside. ...Learn More

  • Sunrise Produce Shaped Signs
    Sunrise Produce Shaped Signs

    Powder coated steel sign cut to match the sunburst logo and enhanced with cast vinyl lettering makes a long lasting, good looking, low cost sign. ...Learn More

  • Sugar Beet Factory Sign
    Sugar Beet Factory Sign

    A nearly century old brick warehouse in Sunnyside, Washington is being restored as a venue for receptions & parties. It's not a venue till it has a name & a sign. ...Learn More

  • Custom Logo Cutouts
    Custom Logo Cutouts

    Make your name stand out. Adding a custom logo cut out to your equipment. Choose from stainless steel, smooth or treadplate aluminum, or nearly any other metal (copper, brass, etc.). We also have thousands of standard clip art images or we can make custom logos and drawings. ...Learn More