Valley Truck HD Custom Utility Truck Beds 
When you're done playing with toys, let us build a custom truck bed to help you get the job done.

Customization is not an option..... It's standard!


Custom Designs

We utilize state of the art computer controlled machines that make customization standard equipment.  Your needs are unique, so why would you settle for a cookie-cutter truck bed?

 Valley Truck Aluminum Beds

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 Custom Pull Out Drawer Sets
 Valley Truck Custom HD Utility Beds

We start each project with an 3D CAD drawing showing exactly what the finished truck bed will look like. We can edit and change the design until it fits your needs perfectly. Then, we use state of the art equipment to produce top notch truck beds. Even our largest truck beds are finished with a polyester powder coat baked on at over 450 degrees. Our ability to utilize computer aided design and processing allows us to build equipment matched exactly to your specifications. We don't need to stay within the constraints of 'off the shelf' products or try to modify something to make it work, we can build you exactly what you need from the ground up.

Innovative Features



Can your truck do this?

"Just wanted to let you see this bad ass picture.  This 85' douglass fir class 2 pole did not flex or bend anything."
Email we received from one of our utility district customers

Having a custom truck bed designed and built by Valley Truck is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


We'll convert your sketch into a 3D CAD preview drawing so that you will be able to see exactly what your finished truck bed will look like.
After seeing the first draft, most people have additional ideas to be added or changes they want made.  We average 4-5 revisions before we begin fabrication.  We build exactly what you need!
If needed, we can convert the preview drawing into a set of written specifications for bidding purposes.



Send us a sketch of what you need on your truck bed.  Don't worry about making it neat or drawing it to scale.  You can even jot your ideas down on a napkin!

TIP: Need som ideas?  Check out the installation gallery where we have pictures and drawings of over 100 custom truck bed projects we've completed.

Fax your drawing to 509-839-6999 or use this contact form.  Of course, you can stop by the shop here in Sunnyside, or give me a call and I'll come see you.






Step 3

Load your tools and go to work!



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