Custom Flat Beds


Standard Features:
These are the specifications we generally use. As with all of our truck beds, we design a bed according to your specific needs.

- 10 GA steel deck (either smooth or tread plate) with an integrally formed 5" side rail & 3" bottom flange.
One piece deck & side rails mean no splices that can crack or separate. 3" bottom flange provides extra strength and plenty of space to weld on winches.

- Structural channel long beams are gusseted every 14" to 4" cross members.
Putting gussets on every cross member adds the extra strength & rigidity our customers need here in the Northwest.

- Solid one piece 12 GA Headboard
One piece design eliminates splices that can crack or rust. 2" Tubular supports come down to add strength and also form a handy step.

- Powder Coated Finish.
Powder coating is applied electrostaticly for even coverage and is baked on at 500 deg. It is much more chip resistant and will last much longer than conventional painting.Choose from thousands of colors as well as different textures.

- All beds are computer designed and built off of 3D CAD drawings.
We draw 3-D pictures of every bed we build and then use state of the art computer controlled machines to fabricate them. This enables you to see your bed BEFORE it's built. If we can draw it, we can build it and give you exactly what you want.

Because of the materials and processes we use, we can offer a lifetime warranty on any bed that we build.

Don't settle for an 'off the shelf' truck bed! Get one designed and built exactly for your needs.

Customization is not an option...
................. It's Standard!




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