Custom Dump Beds

Built to your specifications


Our Truck Beds are built in Sunnyside by ASE certified technicians. We prepare 3-D preview drawings, so you know exactly what your bed will look like before construction begins. We utilize state of the art CNC fabrication equipment and are able to customize a bed to meet your exact needs.

We use Mailhot trunion mounted nitred cylinders. A Trunion mounted cylinder combines the small doghouse requirement of an inverted cylinder with the strength of a conventionally mounted cylinder. A trunion mounted cylinder lifts the body from the bottom of the bed, but does not place all of the lifting stress on the weakest point of the cylinder like an inverted cylinder.

Mailhot cylinders have a nitrided finish which provides superior wear resistance compared to chrome plating. Mailhot's internal seals keep oil from leaking in the event that the cylinder is ever gouged.

Do the math:

1 Piece Headsheet

+ 1 Piece Side Walls

+ 1 Piece Floor

+ Mailhot Cylinder

+ ASE Cert. Installers

+ Powder Coat Finish


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