Valley Truck Custom Aluminum Service Bodies 
Heavy Duty, Light Weight, Powder Coated Tough

Customization is not an option..... It's standard!

Custom Designs

We utilize state of the art computer controlled machines that make customization standard equipment.  Your needs are unique, so why would you settle for a cookie-cutter truck bed?

 Valley Truck Aluminum Beds

 Available Options

 Custom Pull Out Drawer Sets
 Valley Truck Custom HD Utility Beds



- 1/8" (.125) Aluminum Construction

 One piece side packs and heavy gauge double panel door are much stronger than flimsy sheet metal seen in some service bodies and provide the rugged construction our customers need. 

 Stainless Steel Hinges and Vector Latches.  Stainless hinges are good looking and long lasting. The Vector T-Handle compression latch ruggedly holds the doors tightly closed.

 - Super Light Weight.  The finished utility bed weighs less than 500 lbs.(compared to 1,300+ lbs for a steel bed the same size).

 - All beds are computer designed and built off of 3D CAD drawings.  We draw 3D pictures of every bed we build and then use state of the art computer controlled machines to fabricate them. This enables you to see your bed BEFORE it's built. If we can draw it, we can build it and give you exactly what you want.

 Powder Coated.  Powder coating is applied electrostaticly for even coverage and is baked on at 500 deg. It is much more chip resistant and will last much longer than conventional painting. Choose from thousands of colors as well as different textures.

We start each project with an 3D CAD drawing showing exactly what the finished truck bed will look like. We can edit and change the design until it fits your needs perfectly. Then, we use state of the art equipment to produce top notch truck beds. Even our largest truck beds are finished with a polyester powder coat baked on at over 450 degrees. Our ability to utilize computer aided design and processing allows us to build equipment matched exactly to your specifications. We don't need to stay within the constraints of 'off the shelf' products or try to modify something to make it work, we can build you exactly what you need from the ground up.

Flush Mount Doors 

Innovative Features


Aluminum is much lighter and won't rust, but is it tough enough for heavy duty use?
This is a question I'm often asked. Here's proof it is. I had these two heavy semi truck wheel hubs on a pallet near the tailgate. I had to hit the brakes hard when someone turned in front of me, and the front hub went sailing off the pallet and banged loudly into the front bulkhead and flipped over. All it did was nick the aluminum and left a small dent.  Not too bad.

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