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Custom Aluminum Utility Truck Bed
Date Added:
Friday, June 24, 2011

Other Details:

Custom Aluminum Utility Truck Bed
This truck bed has it all... deep compartments, top open packs, a covered load area, super deep pull out drawers all in a light weight, heavy duty package.

Customer: Benton County Public Utilities, Kennewick, WA
Chassis: 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty - Pickup bed takeoff (56" CA SRW)
Quantity: 1

- .125 Diamond Plate Aluminum Construction - LIGHT WEIGHT AND HEAVY DUTY!!!
One piece side packs and heavy gauge double panel door are much stronger than flimsy sheet metal seen in some service bodies and provide the rugged construction our customers need.
- Stainless Steel Hinges and Vector Latches
Stainless hinges are good looking and long lasting. The Vector T-Handle compression latch ruggedly holds the doors tightly closed.
- Super Light Weight.
The finished utility bed weighs less than 700 lbs.(compared to 1,600+ lbs for a steel bed the same size).
- All beds are computer designed and built off of isometric CAD drawings.
We draw 3-D pictures of every bed we build and then use state of the art computer controlled machines to fabricate them. This enables you to see your bed BEFORE it's built. If we can draw it, we can build it and give you exactly what you want.

The front compartment features (3) 300 lb capacity 36" deep pull out drawers. This single rear wheel truck has 20" deep side compartments like what is normally seen on a dual rear wheel truck.

The load area has an 1/8" diamond plate aluminum sliding cover which is built tough enough for a man to use as a work platform.