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Project Name:
Off Road Utility / Flat Bed
Date Added:
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Other Details:

Off Road Utility / Flat Bed

Customer: Western Area Power Agency, Redding, CA
Chassis: 2011 Ford F250 56" CA SRW
- 12 & 14 GA Steel Construction
One piece side packs and heavy gauge double panel door are much stronger than flimsy sheet metal seen in some service bodies and provide the rugged construction our customers need.
- Stainless Steel Hinges and Vector Latches
Stainless hinges are good looking and long lasting. The Vector T-Handle compression latch ruggedly holds the doors tightly closed.
- Powder Coated Finish.
Powder coating is applied electrostaticly for even coverage and is baked on at 500 deg. It is much more chip resistant and will last much longer than conventional painting. Choose from thousands of colors as well as different textures.

This picture shows the compartment side of the bed. Mt Adams is seen in the background. The compartments are chamfered in order to improve clearance in extreme off road applications.

This picture is taken on the road to it's delivery in Redding, CA. This is taken in front of Mt. Shasta.

The storage space is maximized by using lots of heavy duty pull out drawers.

Our drawers feature 300# capacity slides that lock both in the in and out positions. The brushed aluminum latch mechanism not only looks good, but can easily be opened with one hand, even with heavy gloves on. The drawers have slots for dividers on 2" centers.

It is also equipped with (4) 4" under bed PVC tubes with cast aluminum covers. They are a great spot for storing hotstick tubes, roll up signs, or other long items.